Association of SAP Professionals in Bangladesh mission and vision.

Association of SAP Professionals in Bangladesh (ASPB) is a community forum for all Bangladeshi SAP Professionals and Consultants from home and abroad. The overall mission and vision of this association is to Professional Development of Bangladeshi SAP Experts /Resources through the power of knowledge sharing on SAP –Specific Information, experiences, and excess resources among its members.
The following benefits get through from this association


 It also provides the members a collective voice in negotiating with SAP Items of common interest to the member companies such as training schedules, development requests (e.g.,. localization requirements), implementation, and other SAP-related issues.
At least 42 Companies are using SAP that showed its keen interest in playing a supportive role in building a Digital Bangladesh. The association currently has over 100 members most of from Bangladeshi Companies those are using SAP.
The group's first meeting is set to take place on Thursday, February 7th at 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM and the topic of the meeting will be "Annual Get-Together 2013" at Baton Rouge, Gulshan-2.
This meeting will be facilitated by a current member who will choose the discussion topic. The purpose of the group is to further develop the knowledge, training, and skills of its members in order to help them achieve personal goals and contribute more effectively to their organizations.
With the increasing presence and growth of the SAP software within organizations, Think IT recognized the importance of creating a group specifically designed to bring SAP professionals together. "We believe that this group will allow members to gain a more well-rounded understanding of SAP professionals in different roles. We hope that this increased understanding will help them to collaborate more efficiently and increase overall productivity and success throughout their organizations.

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